Does Operation Sunshine have a phone number?

As a volunteer organisation we do not have a business phone number and therefore use email as our preferred method of communication. Once we have established connection we may share our personal phone number for further communications, however, we do not share these openly with the public.

My children have outgrown their clothes and they are in great condition, can I donate them for Sunshine Packs?

No. We only use brand new items to create Sunshine Packs as the items being brand new is imperative to providing a sense of self worth for the recipient and showing that they are truly valued and worthwhile individuals. There are other organisations that take preloved items, you can contact The Foster Share Shed or Fostering Hope on Facebook.

Do you use aerosol deodorant (spray) in Sunshine Packs?
No. We include only roll-on deodorants in Sunshine Packs. Aerosols can be used as inhalants and pose a threat to the health of the user. As the recipients of our Sunshine Packs may have traumatic backgrounds and potentially have a history of substance abuse and misuse we do not include aerosols in Sunshine Packs.
What kind of bags do you use for Sunshine Packs?

We use backpacks of varying designs to suit the age and gender of the recipient, it is important the bags are big enough to fit a large volume of items inside or it will not be suitable as a Sunshine Pack.

I am putting together a Sunshine Pack, should I remove the tags from all the items?
No. Whilst we remove price tags, we ensure tags remain attached to show without any doubt that the item is brand new. Many of the children receiving Sunshine Packs have never been given anything brand new before and it is a massive boost to their self esteem to know the pack was created just for them.
I have some items to donate, where can I take them?

We have donation drop points across Perth, please refer to our ‘Initiatives’ page to download the list and find the donation drop point closest to you. If you do not have a drop point near you please send us and email and we can work together to arrange collection/drop off of your items.

Do you only provide Sunshine Packs in the Perth metro area?

No. We send our Sunshine Packs all across Western Australia. Our packs have gone as far north as Kununurra and as far south as Albany and Esperance and many places in between. We support children and young people all across the state.

I would like to donate to the Christmas Appeal, do I need to wrap the gift I am donating?

No. As we are required to inspect all items before delivery we ask that donations remain unwrapped.

I know I have donated the right present as it was on the list, can I wrap it to save you time?

No. Unfortunately we have had items donated previously that were not appropriate for the children they were being assigned to. As part of our process of checking wrapped gifts we discovered these items and were able to intercept them and organise appropriate gifts for the children in their place. For this reason, we check EVERY donation to ensure we are providing suitable gifts to the children and young people we support.

I have a Sunshine Pack or Christmas gift to donate, can I meet the child and give it directly to them myself?

No. Children in child protection are protected by confidentiality and their identities are confidential for their protection. It would be against child protection policies to meet the children we support. In most cases we do not meet the children ourselves and work with the staff at the Department for Child Protection, out-of-home care agency staff, refuge staff, or foster carers to supply Sunshine Packs and Christmas gifts to the children.

I would like to donate items but I can't get to the shop, can I place an online order and have it delivered or picked up on my behalf?

Absolutely! Get in contact with our Donations Coordinator who can assist you with details to arrange a delivery or collection from a suitable store. hello@operationsunshinewa.org.au

I made a donation through the direct deposit to the bank account, can I get a receipt?

Of course you can! We don’t receive contact details when donations are made directly to our account so please contact our Treasurer with your details and payment information and a receipt will be emailed back to you. treasurer@operationsunshinewa.org.au

I have donated items for the Sunshine Packs or Christmas Appeal, is it possible to get a receipt so I can claim the donations in my tax?

If you would like a receipt for goods donated please send the information of the donation and copies of the receipts of purchase to our Treasurer who will issue a receipt for donations ‘in kind’. treasurer@operationsunshinewa.org.au

I work in child protection, for a women's refuge, or in an organisation working with children and youth experiencing extreme disadvantage. Can I access Sunshine Packs, Courage Kits, or register for the Christmas Appeal for the children and youth I work with?

Absolutely! Send us an email or submit a form on our contact page and let us know where you are and how we can help.